iOS: Streaming/connection problems

If you are having issues with unstable or low quality streaming with the Blaze TV app on your iOS device, the first steps are to check your connection.


Use the following steps to check you internet connection:

  1. Make sure you are connected to the internet via Wi-Fi or 3G and that you are not accidentally connected to BT Openzone. Go to Settings>Wi-Fi and ensure that you are connected to a known Wi-Fi.
  2. If on Wi-Fi, please confirm the Wi-Fi works by opening safari (or other browser) and load the Blaze TV website. If this loads, please try to use app again.
  3. If on 3G you may not have a fast enough connection to stream content and should try switching to Wi-Fi, or move to an area with a better signal.
  4. Please also try force closing the app:
    • Press the “Home” button
    • Double tap the Home button to bring up the Multitasking bar
    • Tap and hold on the preview picture of the BoxNation app and move it upwards so it vanishes.
    • Click on the Blaze app icon to load the app completely fresh
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